DNS Global Server Load Balancing

Global load balancing for modern enterprise infrastructure: multi-vendor, multi-cloud, and multi-datacenter

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Global Load Balancing (GLB, sometimes called GSLB) is the intelligent distribution of traffic across server resources located in multiple geographies.

The NS1 Platform makes traffic management decisions that leverage the current state of the application delivery network so your users get better application performance.


An Integrated Approach to Traffic Management

Effective global load balancing is necessary to when you move application workloads among multiple data centers and into clouds. Traditional solutions from legacy load balancing vendors don't deliver the performance, resiliency, and flexibility needed to fully realize the potential of your data center and cloud initiatives.

Proprietary solutions from the load balancer vendors place the burden and risk of running DNS on your shoulders. Fortunately, there is a better way – one that combines highly advanced global traffic management capabilities with the global scale, speed, and reliability of NS1’s DNS.

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Global Load Balancing with Application Delivery Controllers

Global DNS load balancing from NS1 not only addresses the shortcomings of traditional solutions, it also provides new traffic management capabilities designed for how application workloads are deployed and managed in today’s evolved infrastructures. The NS1 DNS platform provides the most flexible and advanced GSLB on the market, whether you need GSLB for your internet facing online services or for your internal applications.

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Use the Load Balancer of Your Choice

NS1’s advanced traffic management has an open interface for bringing in telemetry. As a result, you can gain the benefits of global traffic management with whatever load balancers you have deployed in your infrastructure. If your load balancer can produce load metrics, NS1 can use them. We work with commercial load balancers (hardware and software based) as well as open source load balancers such as HA Proxy and NGINX.

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NS1 Recommends

Internet GSLB

  • NS1 Managed DNS
  • SaaS Model
  • Global Anycasted Network – fast DNS response
  • Reliable – 100% Uptime SLA
  • Easy set up – nothing to install
  • No CAPEX
  • No extra GSLB license fees
  • Multivendor ADC compatibility

Intranet GSLB

  • NS1 Private DNS
  • High performance
  • Software solution (no appliances)
  • No CAPEX (subscription model)
  • Easy set up – container ready
  • No Extra GSLB license fees
  • Multivendor ADC compatibility
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