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Posted by Kris Beevers on August 24, 2014

EDNS0 and NS1 Filter Chains Improve DNS Routing

NS1’s platform is fully edns0-client-subnet (ECS) enabled. This means Google Public DNS, and other ECS-enabled resolvers will send details about the user doing a DNS query, which is then used to improve routing by leveraging your NS1 Filter Chains.

Posted by Kris Beevers on August 17, 2014

NSONE's Portal: 2-factor Enabled

DNS is the entry point into our customers’ applications, and security of your DNS records is a critical component of the security of your overall application.

Posted by Kris Beevers on August 17, 2014

Primary DNS with NS1

The standard redundant DNS setup is to configure a Primary and Secondary provider for your DNS. In this scenario we’ll show NS1 as the primary DNS provider and another DNS provider as the secondary.

Posted by Kris Beevers on July 29, 2014

New Catchpoint Data Source Now Available

​We’re excited to announce that you can now leverage Catchpoint, the powerful monitoring service, as a data source feeding NSONE’s traffic management platform.

Posted by Alex Vayl on July 20, 2014

Our website gets upgraded to v2.0

​Nope, you’re not hallucinating. We went live with our new website this past weekend and are super excited to share it with you!

Posted by Alex Vayl on July 1, 2014

Geotargeting versus Geofencing: FIGHT!

​NSONE’s revolutionary Filter Chain technology perfectly balances the often competing interests of power, flexibility, and usability.

Posted by Alex Vayl on June 1, 2014


​Third-party Data Feeds are and always will be a fundamental part of the NSONE platform.

Posted by Alex Vayl on May 21, 2014

“Naked” Domains Get Sexier with NS1’s ALIAS Records

ALIAS records are the answer to that quirky DNS problem of not being able to reliably CNAME your “naked” domain (a.k.a. “zone apex” a.k.a. “root domain”).

Posted by Alex Vayl on May 11, 2014

Combining NS1 and Alfred to do cool things

We love real-time data. It quickly confirms that traffic is flowing and gives a snapshot of current traffic levels. In fact, when you login to our customer portal, one of the first things you’ll see is your current queries per second (QPS)

Posted by Kris Beevers on May 9, 2014

NSONE and Cloudstack: custom filters FTW

Apache Cloudstack is an open source cloud platform that we here at NSONE know well.

Posted by Alex Vayl on April 16, 2014

AdTech Got Hacked in Lower Manhattan

Last week, we presented at AdTech Gets Hacked in Lower Manhattan over at Stack Exchange.

Posted by Kris Beevers on April 2, 2014

Multi-datacenter applications: traffic, the data plane, and Aerospike

​Planning to shift from your legacy single-datacenter application deployment to a multi-datacenter solution? Our CEO talks about how to make that happen.

Posted by Kris Beevers on March 23, 2014

Introducing the NSONE API: Automate all the things!

APIs are great, and here at NSONE we follow a strict API-first strategy.

Posted by Kris Beevers on March 2, 2014

Simple manual failover with NS1

One of the most common DNS configurations you might want to implement is active-passive failover.

Posted by Alex Vayl on December 31, 2013

NSONE Newsletter: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at NSONE!

Posted by Alex Vayl on September 30, 2013

NSONE Newsletter: Falling Leaves, Rising Stats

​Fall has officially arrived here at NSONE Headquarters in New York and, much like our feature list, things are growing cooler by the day.

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