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We help you go faster, work smarter and transform DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management into multi-purpose, modern technology in your application delivery stack. With more features, speed and scalability, you can do more with NS1.

Redundant & Secondary DNS

Multiple options to achieve DNS resiliency

DNS Global Server Load Balancing

Global load balancing for modern enterprise infrastructure: Multi-Vendor, Multi-Cloud

DevOps & Automation

Automatically provision infrastructure using code instead of using manual processes or ad hoc scripts

DNS Security

Easily deploy proven strategies like redundancy and DNSSEC without giving up automation or traffic management capabilities

Multi-Cloud Orchestration

Multi-cloud is strategy for organizations seeking to precent vendor lock-in, improve performance, reliability and reduce costs

Service Discovery

Optimize traffic to multiple CDNs, data centers and cloud providers for cost, performance, or both

Application Performance

Fine-tune application performance for every percentile of traffic, everywhere

Multi-CDN Management

Automatically optimize capacity, balance load, improve performance and achieve resiliency

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

DNS can be your most effective way to fail over in case of disaster

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